Greenlight Advisors Teams Up with Golf, Inc. to Launch Municipal Golf Study

Greenlight Advisors Teams Up with Golf, Inc. to Launch Municipal Golf Study


JUNE 30, 2023

Greenlight Advisors is teaming up with Golf Inc. Magazine to conduct the first municipal golf course financial benchmark study in several years. The objective is to provide a clear financial picture of municipal golf performance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greenlight Advisors, a financial technology firm that specializes in benchmarking golf course operator performance, is using its proprietary Profitability Benchmark service to conduct the study. The Municipal Benchmark Study will analyze the financial performance of municipal golf courses, and Greenlight Advisors will produce a benchmark report for all participants based on the data.

“Greenlight Advisors is thrilled to join forces with Golf Inc. Magazine to conduct this municipal benchmark study,” said Greenlight Advisors Founding Partner Michael A. Suglich, CPA. “We aim to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date snapshot that will equip golf course operators with the knowledge they need to thrive in the evolving landscape, ultimately ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of municipal golf courses.”

Golf Inc. will publish a story on the findings in its November/December issue and will also hold a session at the Golf Inc. Strategies Summit to discuss the findings. The Golf Inc. Strategies Summit is scheduled for Sept. 20-22 at La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, Calif.,  and participants in this benchmarking study will be given a free pass to attend the conference after they have completed their data submission.

“We are excited to partner with Greenlight Advisors to bring meaningful data to the nation’s 2,500 municipal golf courses, to help them make better management decisions,” said Jack Crittenden, president and editor in chief of Golf Inc. “While some municipalities have been criticized in recent years for poor course financial performance, we know that the story is far more complicated. This study should help tell that story and provide a recipe for success for study participants.”

Greenlight Advisors and Golf Inc. are inviting all municipal, state and federal golf courses to participate in the study by July 31 at no cost. Founded by CPAs, Greenlight Advisors’ service is trusted by golf course operators across the country who submit their data and receive a confidential 40-metric benchmark each quarter.

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