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Greenlight Advisors Releases Financial Benchmarking Software

New state-of-the-art portal for businesses leads the way to a brighter financial future with illuminated data.


Greenlight Advisors, an emerging technology company, today released its financial benchmarking software engine, designed to help businesses simplify and improve financial performance, productivity, and profitability. To help test the software, the company is currently accepting applications from businesses to participate in phase two of its financial benchmarking study, slated for the first quarter of 2021.

“Businesses are continuously seeking ways to optimize performance and measure industry competitiveness, but often times find themselves struggling to identify who or what information to trust,” said Greenlight Advisors Founding Partner Michael A. Suglich, CPA. “Our new Financial Benchmarking software will help businesses illuminate clear and accurate data in an easy and useful way – ultimately impacting their bottom line and financial future.”

The Greenlight Advisors financial benchmarking software is designed to help businesses measure how they stack up against their competitors by capturing financial data, then illuminating it in a competitive context so companies can make clear, informed decisions. The online portal automates the stage of going from data to comparative insights, highlighting data in the form of simple-to-read traffic lighting.

  • Green Means Go – When you get the green light, hit the gas. This is when you know your finances are performing and the road is wide open before you.

  • Yellow Means Slow – When you get the yellow light, proceed with caution. Look at the numbers carefully and make smart choices to keep moving forward.

  • Red Means No – Red is the color of alarm. However, with the right information, you can remedy the red to get back on track.

To test the software, Greenlight Advisors is looking for companies that are open to corporate soul-searching to unleash their full potential by participating in phase two of its financial benchmarking study. Phase one is currently underway for country clubs, and the tech company is now actively looking for another business or vertical industry to move the study forward. An early participant in the phase 1 country club benchmark study, Michael Krabbe, General Manager at Ridge Country Club in Chicago said, “Greenlight Advisor’s benchmark study has been very insightful to me and the board at Ridge Country Club.”

As part of the financial benchmarking study, Greenlight Advisors will compile financial analysis and compare each group or company results to assess overall competitiveness and productivity across the group or participating companies.

  • The financial benchmarking study can be internal or external

  • The internal study will measure and compare different areas of the same organization

  • The external study will measure and compare outside organizations within a similar industry

  • The study is designed to help your business improve overall performance and profitability

  • The study will define a structured framework to learn from the experiences of other groups or organizations

  • The study leads to continuous improvements, and it is carried out in a systematic way

  • Benchmarking groups can mutually exchange information beneficial to all parties and share results within the benchmarking group

  • The study will help identify groups that are leaders and models for others to follow

  • The study will help build and learn from best-practice companies

  • Companies and surveys are masked to protect confidential data

For additional information or to participate in the phase 1 or phase 2 Financial Benchmarking studies, please contact Michael A. Suglich, CPA at or 312-719-0308.

For more information about Greenlight Advisors, please visit

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